Customer Stories

Check out what some of our customers had to say about Storm Contracting. We are very proud of the level of service that we give to our customers. Reviews are nice but sometimes customers want to take a little extra time to let us know how we are doing. Please take a few minutes and read some of the customer testimonials and if you have the time we would love to hear from you as well. 

We have owned our home for over 10 years, and we have experienced storms in the past. The hail storm that hit our house at the end of March was likened to nothing I have experienced in my life. The storm itself was quite frightening, but what was more frightening was the fact that we were going to have to file a homeowners claim with our insurance company. We’ve never had to do that before, so we knew nothing about any of that. After the adjuster came, and we had a list of the damages and coverage from our insurance, more fear set in as we faced the task of finding a reputable company. Storm Contracting came to our rescue! This is not some “storm chaser” company that shows up from another state after severe weather. They are a local, Midwest company. After leaving some information via website, I was contacted back within minutes of leaving the website. This was on a Monday, and after a pleasant phone conversation, I had an appointment for them to come look at our house the very next day. This was a nice surprise since so many houses in the area had been damaged, and other companies were making appointments into the following week. Donald came out the following day, and was very professional in appearance and manner. He surveyed the damages, and sat down with me to explain everything out in a manner that was very easy to understand. I liked the fact that I could understand everything the way he was explaining it. We had never filed a homeowners claim before. By the end of his visit, I had decided this was the company that we were going to go with. I based this on the years of service that Donald had under his belt, and how he explained everything to me. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt, that Donald KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. 

That was Tuesday when I signed the contract with Storm Contracting. On Thursday morning, bright and early, Donald’s team showed up and replaced our roof. Yes, that is just 2 days from signing the contract that the roof was done. And this team was fast. NOT fast sloppy, but fast in having a well executed plan to get things done. The roof was actually finished on the house by noon. I was amazed! And it looked beautiful! So, that was Thursday. Would you believe that on Friday morning, Donald’s guttering team showed up? Yes, they did! And, they had the work completed by the end of the day. The gutters are a perfect match to the paint on our house, and they are seamless. They look so nice, that they almost look like they were built into the house and not added on. I liked the fact that the installer came to me and asked me to come look at the gutters to make sure that I liked them before they left. 

He also asked me if I would like them to change anything before they left. I know nothing about gutters, but it did make me feel respected that they wanted to make sure that I was happy with what they had done. And I was indeed! At this juncture, let me say a bit about paperwork. I have done VERY LITTLE paperwork, phone calling, or legwork associated with getting things done. Donald was organized, and handled it all. He is arbitrating with both the mortgage and insurance company for us. He is not just “some construction guy”, but he is a businessman who knows what to do. H knew who to talk to and how to handle red-tape, paperwork, and slow people at mortgage companies who want to hold on to homeowners insurance checks. It was such a relief to have someone do that for us since this was our first insurance claim, and we hadn’t the foggiest idea of what to do or who to talk to in order to get payment released for the work that had already been done. 

So, on Tuesday of this past week I had my first meeting with Storm Contracting, and at the end of the week all of the damages that were incurred from the hail storm had been totally fixed. My husband and I are so happy! Storm Roofing & Restoration went above and beyond the call when it came to helping to get our home back after the storm. I would highly recommend Donald Storm and his company to anyone needing any kind of restoration work, remodeling, or other repair work done. My husband and I plan on using this company again in the future because we were so pleased with the work on this job.

Sheryl H.


I want to thank you and Storm Contracting for doing such a great job in replacing my roof. After I heard your presentation at PowerCore , It seemed like getting a roof inspection would be a good idea for my home. Even though the roof looked fine from the ground, I knew that there had been a few major storms since I moved in 14 years ago , the last one this past March. As It turned out, the roof had taken some substantial damage . I was surprised when Donald showed me a shingle that he could Just lift up. And, some leaks showed up as well. 

So, I made a claim with my home insurance, and you replaced my roof. Not only does the new roof look great, your team’s cleanup was so good that my yard actually looked better than when they started! We also appreciate that you helped me upgrade to shingles with a lifetime warranty. I heartily recommend you and Storm Contracting as honest, and highly capable roofers and storm restoration specialists.

Wesley A.


On June 13, 2013 I experience a devastating streamline wind damage to my home due to a violent storm that came thru Kansas City, MO. I contacted you to evaluate the damage and you immediately dispatched Larry, a member of your staff. Larry was professional and told me that based on the investigation we should contact my insurance company because there was sufficient damage to warrant a roof replacement. We immediately contacted the insurance company and they came our to my property with approximately eight members of their team and inspected my roof to later deny the claim. 

We appealed the findings based on information you and your staff provided and they send the manager of the claims department who agreed with your findings. I cannot tell you how pleased I am since I have been denied on a previous claim with the same insurance company when I handled on my own. Your dedication and advice made the difference and for this I will be forever grateful. My 14-year-old roof is being replaced entirely and little cost to me thanks to you and your staff.

Tony G.


I am really impressed by the service I received from you, Nick, and the team at Storm Contracting. We knew my roof was old and needed replacing. I didn’t know that you could get my storm damages covered by my insurance. I had already received a quote from one roofing company since I had experienced a couple of leaks in my house . Since my roof was old I was sure I was going to need to replace it at considerable expense . I had resigned myself to that fact. However, you mentioned that you did a 47-point inspection for free, so I decided It couldn’t hurt to have you look at it. Your great service began when you came out to inspect and explained what would happen at each step. 

I loved the fact that I didn’t have to do anything – you handled everything- even the transaction with the insurance company. Turns out I had a fair amount of wind damage and my insurance company covered everything- including some indoor painting! I was not around on the day your team came out to redo my roof. I fully expected nails and debris everywhere . What I found was surprising – my new roof looked great and my yard looked tidier than when I left that morning. My deck and driveway were even swept off! In the end I would urge any one who hasn’t had their roof checked in the past couple of years to get that free inspection, I’m so glad I did.

Carole L.